A vote for Democrats

is a vote for freedom.

Freedom to control your own body,

Freedom to marry who you love,

Freedom to unionize, and

Freedom to thrive

with affordable health care, a good public education, 

a clean environment, common-sense gun reforms, and 

the strongest jobs market in 50 years!

The Democratic Party is the only political party that fights to protect and enhance women's freedoms, civil rights, worker protections, health care access, and more. Over the past ninety years, Democrats created and fought for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), the Civil Rights Acts, Voter Rights Acts, union protections, minimum wage laws, worker safety laws, abortion protections, environmental protections, LGBTQ protections, and common sense gun reforms

Unfortunately, Republicans refuse to support and threaten to dismantle these accomplishments, while blocking further progress that would strengthen our country. Today, Republicans have criminalized abortion across much of our country including here in Ohio, refused to support even the smallest changes to gun laws to protect our children, opposed lowering health care costs, attacked our teachers, and become so radicalized that they continue to support a former president who attempted to overturn an election by force.

And so it is on us, the people, to fight on.  Join us, and help us to secure a better future for America.

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