About Us

Club History and Purpose

Did you know President Biden earned 7,207 votes in North Royalton (more than 41 percent of the vote here) in 2020?  Or that Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown won almost 48 percent of the votes in North Royalton in 2018? Or that, even in the "red wave" year of 2022, Democrat Tim Ryan won more than 45 percent of the vote in North Royalton? Although our Republican neighbors would like to believe that "North Royalton is approximately 60-70% registered Republican," that is not remotely true! 

As of December 2022, there are 22,128 registered voters in North Royalton. Of those voters, 13 percent are registered Democrats, 19 percent are registered Republicans, and the other 68 percent of voters have no party affiliation. Yes, the vote for Democratic candidates in North Royalton has historically been less than 50 percent, but there are far more Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents than anyone - including Democrats! - seems to realize. Through visibility, engagement, and education, we have been working to change that perception, reduce local Democratic pessimism, and show our neighbors that the Democratic party and their Democratic neighbors share many of their values. 

Our work is already paying off. When it comes to issues the Democratic party supports, North Royalton has been voting FOR these Democratic values in recent elections. In 2023, North Royalton voters overwhelmingly rejected a Republican-initiated constitutional amendment that would have stripped Ohio voters of our century-old right to amend the state's constitution (August 2023 Issue 1 - North Royalton voted NO with more than 57 percent of the vote). Then, a few months later, North Royalton voters overwhelmingly approved a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment to secure reproductive freedom in our state (November Issue 1 - North Royalton voted YES with 56 percent of the vote). In the same election, North Royalton voted to legalize recreational marijuana with 52 percent of the vote, and voted to pass a Tri-C levy increase with more than 51 percent of the vote. Not only that, but our city overwhelmingly voted against Extremist-endorsed school board candidates, and voted to add and retain two non-Republicans on our City Council

And we're just getting started! 

Though the North Royalton Democratic Club has been in existence since at least 1992, the club went dormant during the COVID pandemic. So, in early 2022, a small group of concerned residents worked together with former club members to re-establish the club under new leadership.  Our mission is to educate our community, take productive action, and support Democratic candidates and issues in local, state, and national elections.  So come check us out or email us at northroyaltondems@gmail.com to be added to our email list.

The Democratic Party

Though the Democratic Party can be traced back to 1828, the modern Democratic Party began taking shape ninety years ago with the election of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Since that time, the Democratic Party has become the only political party that fights to protect and enhance civil rights, worker rights, health care rights, and more. Over the past ninety years, Democrats created and fought for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), the Civil Rights Acts, Voter Rights Acts, union protections, minimum wage laws, worker safety laws, abortion protections, environmental protections, LGBTQ protections, and gun safety laws. 

But we know our work is never done. Republicans refused to support, and threaten to dismantle, all of these accomplishments, while blocking further progress that would strengthen our country. And so it is on us, the people, to fight on. Join us, and help us to secure a better future for America.

Monthly Meetings

You are invited to attend our monthly meetings.  At our meetings, we learn about important topics and ways to take action, hear from Democratic candidates or other speakers, and meet neighbors who share common ground.  Please see our Events page for details.